Our Mission

The mission of The Woodhall School is to provide an opportunity for success to young men of above-average intellectual ability in grades 9-12, who have had difficulties in traditional school environments. The school embraces an individualized approach that allows each student to realize his potential and to take accountability in all areas of his life. This approach includes interpersonal and intrapersonal components that permeate the four pillars of The Woodhall School:
Academics, Athletics, Residential Life, and Communications.

Welcome to the 

2017 – 2018

School Year!

Dylan Montroy '20 welcomes everyone to the second day of Family Weekend! ...

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The first day of Family Weekend comes to a close. The boys are all settling down in the dorms and lights out is in 15 minutes. It was an eventful day. Families attended Communication Groups and Committee for Accountability. The faculty held on to their undefeated streak in the Volleyball Tournament and everyone was able to make connections and share stories. Families will return to campus tomorrow for more adventures with class visits, student leaders presentation, a faculty panel, the groundbreaking ceremony, and more. May everyone have a restful evening and we look forward to day two tomorrow! ...

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Ask Sally! Don't forget, on Saturday of Family Weekend our Founding Head of School will be interviewed by senior Winston Forman. This is a chance to learn all about the rich history of The Woodhall School. Post any questions you'd love to have answered here! ...

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