The Woodhall School believes in helping its students become well-rounded gentlemen. To that end, clubs at Woodhall provide an opportunity for students to develop their extracurricular interests and to work with their peers toward a common goal. Each student must participate in at least one club.

Clubs meet for one hour on Saturday mornings and often at other times during the week. Each club has a faculty advisor who monitors student progress and who works with students to plan club activities and projects. At the end of each term, one student from each club is recognized for his contributions during the end-of-term awards ceremonies.


The Art Club is devoted to all forms of art, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, and serves a place for all to learn, experience, and become artists. The members of the Art Club are a group of enthusiastic young men who enjoy expressing themselves through art. Dreamers, the curious, and the creative are all welcome.

Chess Club

Chess originated in the medieval era as a way to strategize before battle. It soon took on the role of the gentlemen’s strategy game, and the gentlemen of Woodhall continue this tradition. Each year, the club begins with courteous challenges and finishes with thrilling tournaments.

Investment and Philanthropy

The Investment and Philanthropy Club helps its members learn how a wise gentleman can follow a strategy for gain, but a true gentleman will share that wealth for the betterment of the world.

Student Leadership

Student Leaders share their own personal growth by serving as role models who work with the administration, faculty, and each other through active participation in positive leadership roles.

Literary Magazine

Each year, Woodhall students are invited to submit stories, poems and artwork to the school’s literary magazine, Good Stuff. The magazine is put together entirely by students under the guidance of faculty mentor Mr. Tony Sherer. It has received numerous certificates of excellence from the National Council of Teachers of English. Good Stuff can be viewed here.

Music Club

The Music Club, lead by Mr. Byrne, is a place where students can enjoy creating, work on their skills, and share their passion for music with the community.

Sons of Thoreau Club

Students show their appreciation of, and seek greater understanding of, the natural world through observation, enjoyment, and beneficial projects, such as building bird houses. “Not less important are the observers of the birds than the birds themselves.” – Henry David Thoreau


Each year, students and faculty advisors write, design, edit, and publish a one hundred plus page record of the school year. Yearbook Club members write articles, document school events, take  and collect photographs, and solicit memorable student and faculty quotations from the school year. Given the demands of publishing the yearbook, the club meets twice weekly, with students and faculty advisors sacrificing many hours of free-time to create a piece of Woodhall history. Each year they dedicate the book to a community member who went above and beyond to impact their lives.