Director, Tony Sherer
Assistant Director, Jessica Giffin
Lighting Designer & Technical Director, Richard G. Spaulding, Jr.
Stage Manager & Sound, Jared Asher
Assistant Stage Manager, Nathan Wheeler
Lights, Gavin Kelly
House & Incidental Music Arrangement, Daniel Shapot

Poster Art by Josh Fand

Seven Angels Theatre Halo Awards Nominations:

  • Best Comic Male Performer in a Play – Danny Kopnick
  • Best Sound Design – Jared Asher

Ionesco & Ives
An Evening of the Absurd

Act I

Kafka, Charlie Reisman
Swift, Danny Kopnick
Milton, Ari Dorf

The Bald Soprano

Mrs. Smith, Kevin Ehteshami
Mr. Smith, Alex White
Mrs. Martin, Josh Fand
Mr. Martin, Charlie Reisman
Mary, the Maid, Zach Kendall
The Fire Chief, Danny Kopnick

 Act II

Variations on the Death of Trotsky

Leon Trotsky, Zach Kendall
Mrs. Trotsk, Danny Kopnick
Ramón Mercader, Kevin Ehteshami

The Philadelphia

Al, Ari Dorf
Marcus, Josh Fand
The Waitress, Kevin Ehteshami

Words, Words, Words

Kafka, Charlie Reisman
Swift, Danny Kopnick
Milton, Ari Dorf