A Thurber Carnival

by James Thurber and

Self Improv-ment

by The Woodhall Players


Brad Carrington
James Cobb
Scott Collins
Danil Flewelling
Warren Hurlock
Gavin Kelly
Zach Kendall
Danny Kopnick
Joe Maskell
Sam McCabe
George Meehan
Liam Swenson



Director, Mr. Tony Sherer
Assistant Director, Ms. Christina Bucarey
Technical Director, Mr. Richard Spauldiing
Lighting & Set Design, Gavin Kelly

Cover Art by Sam McCabe


Seven Angels Theatre Halo Awards Nominations:

  • Fearless Award
  • Best Standout Performance in an Ensemble Play – Zach Kendall, Danny Kopnick, Brad Carrington
  • Best Acting by an Ensemble Cast