Seven Angels Theatre Halo Awards Nominations:

  • Best Acting by an Ensemble Cast
  • Best Standout Performance by a Male Actor in an Ensemble Production – George Sutherland-Howard
  • Fearless Award
  • Best Student Costume Design and/or Execution – Cast
  • Student Stage Management & Running Crew – Jared Asher

Halo Awards Winners:

  • Best Student Costume Design and/or Execution – Cast

A Christmas Carol…Sort of

by Charles Dickens and The Woodhall Players


Rod Serling, Julian Willett
Ebenezer Scrooge, George Sutherland-Howard
Bob Cratchet, Evan Goldman
Nephew, Chip Shappy
First Gentleman, Scott Collins
Second Gentleman,  Ari Dorf
Marley’s Ghost,  Aleks Birnhak
The Ghost of Christmas Past, Josh Fand
Little/Young Scrooge, Ari Dorf
Younger Brother,  Danny Kopnick
Old Fezziwig, Alex White
Mrs. Fezziwig, Josh Fand
Dick, Scott Collins
Guests at Fezziwigs’,  Scott Collins, Sebastian Barassi, Charlie Riesman, Chip Shappy, Ari Dorf, Jared Asher
Scrooge’s fiancé, Sebastian Barassi
Scrooge as a young man, Chip Shappy
Mother, Sebastian Barassi
Father, Aleks Birnhak
The Ghost of Christmas Present, Charlie Riesman
Mrs. Cratchet, Aleks Birnhak
Belinda Cratchet, Jared Asher
Peter Cratchet, Scott Collins
Tiny Tim Cratchet, Ari Dorf
Scrooge’s niece, Aleks Birnhak
Topper, Danny Kopnick
Plump Beauty, Alex White
The Ghost of Christmas Future, Ari Dorf
Businessman One,  Jared Asher
Businessman Two, Chip Shappy
Bag Lady, Charlie Riesman
Old Joe, Danny Kopnick
Alfred Dilber, Aleks Birnhak


Director, Tony Sherer
Assistant Director, Jessica Giffin
Lighting Designer, Richard Spaulding
Stage Manager / Lighting Techncian, Jared Asher