1. Officials, coaches, teammates and the athletes of other teams will be treated with the same respect you would expect to receive from them.
  2. During practices, training and games, coaches provide the guidelines for leadership, skill-building and instruction in individual and team play. Their guidance is to be followed with respect and accountability. Students who are not able to accept the teaching and leadership roles of the coaches will be held accountable and may be asked to leave the team.
  3. The rules of the game are designed to provide both teams with a fair and safe contest. They must be considered as mutual agreements and no one should try to evade or break them.
  4. Decisions by officials, no matter how unfair they may seem, must be accepted completely by players, coaches and spectators.
  5. To win is always preferable, but to win at any cost utterly defeats the purpose of the game.
  6. The only advantage to be sought over your opponent is that of superior skill, athletic ability, teamwork or effort.
  7. Losing does not mean being unsuccessful. When the team or an individual improves, they will never really lose.
  8. Visiting teams and spectators are honored guests and should be treated as such. While visiting other schools, athletes will conduct themselves as gentlemen and be considerate and respectful of the rules and culture of the school being visited.
  9. Athletes are expected to completely abide by this code.