The Arts at Woodhall

The Arts are an integral part of life at Woodhall. Aside from structured arts classes and the drama program, there are many opportunities to create, practice and perform, solo or in collaboration, at school assemblies and celebrations. Guest artists and performers grace the stage of our theatre, and field trips are taken to museums and performances in venues from New York to Boston. Sampling of student artwork.

Considered part of Athletics, Winter and Spring Drama culminate in two major productions a year. On occasion The Woodhall Players collaborate with drama departments at other schools. When the schedule allows, plays are submitted for the Seven Angels Theatre Halo Awards. Individual productions are highlighted on the Drama page.

The visual arts are part of the curriculum with our Studio Arts classes, the Art Club, and the Photography Club. Student work is displayed in the Sharon Poole Gallery and academic hallways. It is also featured in the school’s  Literary Magazine, Good Stuff.

Students and Faculty interested in music perform at school functions, on their own initiative or as part of music and voice clubs. The school offers a Music History & Theory class. Students who wish to continue the study of a particular instrument can schedule time for individual music lessons with local teachers.