Made possible through the generosity of Kay and Adrian French, the Library and Media Center opened in 2001.  The library’s mission, based on respect for persons, place, and things, is to support, stimulate, and inspire by providing a place where students can work.  This mission is based on the institutional mission to assist each student to develop as a whole individual bringing together his intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical development.

The aim of the library is to provide quality services utilizing personnel, facilities, technology and collection support that are sufficiently flexible to meet the challenges of educational, societal, and technological change while still maintaining the traditional role of the library as a locus for the academic life of the community.

To this end the library is a center for study, research, and reading and contains almost 5,000 titles to support the academic, research and social needs of the school population. The collection includes books, journals, music CDs, and DVDs/videos.  The library has an online catalog and participates in an interlibrary loan program with other Connecticut libraries.  Information literacy skills are taught to individual classes by the librarian.

The newly expanded Media Center has seven workstations and ports for ten additional computers.  By going to the library’s home page students have access to multiple academic databases.   Academic Search FullTEXT Premier, sponsored by EBSCO, contains indexing and abstracts for over 8,500 scholarly journals with full text for more than half of these titles.  Membership in the Connecticut Library Consortium allows the library to able to provide access to global information through iCONN, a core level of information resources, including secured access to licensed databases.  It provides all students, faculty and residents with online access to essential library and information resources.  By having this resource our library is equivalent to a small college library.

The library is open to students throughout the academic day and during evening study hall with permission from a student’s classroom teacher or study hall proctor.  The school librarian is available during the school week to assist students and faculty.

Books and video materials circulate for two weeks and may be renewed.  Reference books, periodicals, and reserve items may be checked out with permission from the librarian. 



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