The Woodhall School curriculum consists of college-preparatory classes including Advanced Placement courses. Graduation requirements are as follows:

4 years of English

3 years of  Social Studies (United States History, Modern European History, Roots of Western Civilization, or their equivalents)

3 years of Mathematics (Algebra I and II and Geometry)

3 years of Science (at least two laboratory sciences in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)

2 years of Classical or Modern Languages (Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek)

2 years of the Arts.

All graduating seniors must successfully fulfill the requirements for the Senior Research Project.

The availability of electives and Advanced Placement courses depends on student interest and enrollment. Recent electives include Advanced Studio Art, Drama, Music Theory and Composition, Discrete Mathematics, Economics, Philosophy, and History of the Cold War. The school offers Advancement Placement courses in English Literature, English Language and Composition, AB and BC Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Latin: Vergil, Spanish Language, and United States History.